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Signature Full Body Reflexology Massage

The Ultimate All-In-One Massage Inducing a Natural Healing Process.

1 hr / $120 / Dermal Era Holistic Med Spa

Service Description

This signature massage is the ultimate favorite! It is a Mix created by Jessie Eli of Swedish, Lymphatic, Shiatzu, and Neuromuscular Therapy massage that targets all mayor pressure points in the body releasing stress triggers/anxiety and stagnant energy located in what Eastern Medicine would call the meridian channels (channels that connect the spirit to the body). This Signature Full Body Reflexology Massage induces natural healing, leaving you in a totally relaxed state. Most clients relate to this state as a feeling of as light as a feather or on the clouds (figuratively speaking). This massage includes Hot Towels on your feet and Aromatherapy. Finishes with Tuning Fork Therapy. This sound and vibrational therapy uses solfeggio tuning to help balance the energy of your moving along specific energy centers, the tones can help smooth out the incoherent patterns to restore a more balanced harmonious state of being.


Benefits of this massage include:


Body Healing

Energy Cleansing

Blood Circulation Improvement

Mental Clarity

Improvement of Skin Tone

Increased Mobility and flexibility

Releases toxins from the blood through lymphatic drainage

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