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Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Your skin will feel smooth, supple, stronger and rejuvenated by consistently following the Home Care routine. There are, though, additional benefits derived from the professional Hydro-Facial™:

  • More thorough removal of dead cells and impurities from your skin;

  • Deeper level of exfoliation without ever causing abrasion on your skin

  • Active stimulation of your circulation (blood and lymphatic). You will feel an increase in the temperature of the skin as the various Hydro Facial protocol steps are completed. Most of the time, you can also see this effect characterized by a rosier skin tone.

  • Given the nature of the Aquaroma® Humectants –liquid, low density, water based, water soluble serums–you will experience the infusion of moisture, instead of the sensation of covering up and feelings of stickiness and oiliness usually associated with occlusive products.

  • The relaxation facial massage brings the added benefits of aromatherapy and the well-known healing effects of acupressure, performed with the tips of the fingers only. No skin care equipment of any kind involved in this part or the procedure.

  • Frequently, the skin might look normal; but underneath, things can reveal unforeseen conditions. The Super*X™ Hydro Exfoliator is a master and wise product that reacts differentially, according to the skin condition. We call it the smart, intelligent product, because it visually shows where the professional needs to act, especially indicating locations for extractions. No guessing; just observe how the Super *X™ is interacting with the skin and follow the proper steps.

  • Given the amount of skin activation from products and Professional procedures, you might expect some inflammation/redness as frequently happens with other types of skin care products. But not so with the Aquaroma® Hydro-Facial™. The Aquaroma® Mask (one of three depending on skin type) will help calm down the hyperemia, promote additional lymphatic drainage (if extractions have been performed), produce myotension, and reduce any traces of redness or inflammation.

  • In the final step of the Hydro-Facial™, you will receive a proper dosage of micro pulverized minerals (especially magnesium and zinc) which will help seal in moisture and heal the skin areas where extractions were performed.

  • Finally, your skin will be protected against UV radiation by applying Aquaroma® Sun Block. Right then you will also get personalized guidance on the recommended Home Care Products, tailored to satisfy your needs.

How often should you have a Hydro-Facial™? The skin analysis allows your Professional Consultant to determine your skin condition, the best products to use at home, and the recommended frequency of the professional treatment to follow. One rule doesn’t fit it all. But, in general, these are recommended guidelines:

  • For a normal skin, the ideal frequency for having an Aquaroma® Hydro-Facial™ would be about once a month, which approximately coincides with the biological cell renewal cycle of your skin.

  • Other skin types (especially oily and acne prone ones) should start with an intensive regime of weekly treatments, for at least one month. Then, as conditions ameliorate, the visits may be spaced out till reaching the interval that fits maintaining a healthier skin.

Team work and daily use of Aquaroma® Home Care Products are key to reaching and maintaining a healthy, vibrant and rejuvenated skin.

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