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Mild Skin Wash – You will love the fresh and natural fragrance, the feel and the effectiveness of this family oriented product. It has multiple uses and works wonders from children to adults, both men and women.

  • Effectively removes impurities;
  • Mild on the skin and on the eyes;
  • Leaves skin smooth while protecting its acid mantle all over the body;
  • Helps reduce excess skin oiliness;
  • Mildly softens the outer layer of the skin and nail cuticle

Description:  Mild Skin Wash especially formulated for all skin types and for the entire family. Kids love it too. pH balanced; it is hard on the impurities, yet mild on the skin and on the eyes.  Most Frequent Uses (As reported by clients)

  • Washing hands, face and entire body
  • Body wash (bath or shower)
  • Shampooing or rinsing hair
  • Shaving (heavy bearded men)
  • Shaving legs (ladies)
  • Loved by kids and entire family.

Instructions: All skin types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, Acne, and Sensitive. Use morning and night. External use only.

  • Always moisten skin with water;
  • Gently cleanse with Lecithin-A Wash™;
  • Completely rinse off with water

Key Ingredients:  Soy Lecithin, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene [Antioxidant], Aloe Vera Barbadensis, Mild Surfactant, Citric Acid, Sea Trace Minerals, Botanical Fragrance.


  • 8.4 Fl oz. (254mL)



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Our products arrive to you in sustainable, recycable packaging. to reduce our carbon footprint.


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We ensure no animals were used in the creation and testing of our products.

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