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Scientifically formulated for Acne Prone Skin

  • Performs deep pore cleansing, removing dead cells and other impurities from your skin
  • Mildly exfoliates your skin, without irritating, while maintaining a balanced pH
  • Helps reduce amount of sebum and visibly reduces pore’s size.
  • Helps control Acne and visibly regenerates acne scars
  • Seals in moisture, protects and provides key minerals for your skin.
  • Note: Professional Aquaroma® HydroFacial is highly recommended to better results.

Products Included:

  • Lecithin-A™
  • Derma Clean™
  • Skin Dew™
  • Acnol™
  • Derma Seal™

Instructions:  Especially formulated for Acne Prone Skin. Use morning and night, following the Step-by-Step Instructions .

  • Note: all products, except Lecithin-A, are applied on the skin and should not be removed. Let absorb. External use only.
  • Note: If you wish to rehydrate your Eye Contour area, please add Eye C™, to use morning and night.


  • Instructions:

    Use Morning and Night in the same order. External use only. Use the products in the order listed below.

    1.    Lecithin –A™

    • Always moisten skin with water;
    • Gently cleanse with Lecithin-A Wash™;
    • Completely rinse off with water.

    2.    Derma*Clean™

    • Moisten a small cotton pad with Derma*Clean™.
    • Gently cleanse the entire forehead, face, neck and V-zone area.
    • Let absorb. Do not remove.
    • You may also cleanse with the same cotton pad your knuckles, elbows and knees.

    3.    Skin Dew™

    • Shake well before using.
    • Spray liberally on your forehead, face, neck and V-zone.
    • Let absorb; do not remove
    • Apply cold (refrigerated) on Sensitive Skins or in cases of broken capillaries.

    4.    Acnol™

    • Apply with small cotton pad or with fingertips. You may reapply on affected areas.
    • A mild temporary tingling sensation may occur after applying Acnol™.
    • Let absorb; do not remove

    5.    Derma Seal™

    • Apply with small cotton pad.
    • You may reapply on affected areas (usually forehead, chins, nose and neck).
    • Let absorb; do not remove

    Note: If you wish to rehydrate your Eye Contour area, please add Eye C™, to use morning and night.



We source only the cleanest, purest ingredients from nature. Everything we formulate with is backed by science



Creating a new category comprised of best-in-class ingredients and top notch research with zero concessions.


Plastic Surgeon

Our products arrive to you in sustainable, recycable packaging. to reduce our carbon footprint.


Clean Clinical

We ensure no animals were used in the creation and testing of our products.

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